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One Stop


Integrated system consisted of internal academic and production teams

To deliver medical and product information in a swift manner based on academic evidence, most of the production process is done by our in-house experts in one-stop service. We can also deliver products in various media in one package, resulting in the reduction of the total time and cost of production and improvement of product quality.




Capacity to materialize plans backed by knowledge and experience in healthcare

Having handled pharmaceuticals and medical equipment in every single medical area, we have collected significant amounts of expertise in healthcare promotion.

Raising awareness about diseases to acquire potential patients, disseminating messages based on key evidence on efficacy, promoting appropriate usage by offering safety information, offering full internal education to strengthen the ability to release messages as a manufacturer…We can propose and realize the most effective promotion plans and develop the tools to support the process.


Ability to respond to client needs using our own doctor network

Having been engaged for many years in healthcare communication, we have strong connections with doctors. Utilizing the appropriate information and advice from doctors at the forefront of various medical fields, we can highly accurate information. We can also arrange meetings with medical doctors and medical professionals, and supervision by Key-Opinion Leaders and attend interviews with them.



Internal proofreading division specializing in healthcare

Our Healthcare Communication Division serves as a center of production and, in cooperation with the Planning & Medical Writing Team and Promotion Code Checking Team, creates the most appropriate stories and messages to appeal the merits of product. Furthermore, our Editing and Proofreading Team specializing in healthcare repeatedly checks details, including numbers and references, to move production forward, ensuring the reliability and quality of the cited information.


Complying with various codes and regulations

We have our own internal training system to keep up to date with the latest code of the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (Code of Practice) and the various regulations. As such, we can offer an abundance of knowledge and experience about how to release information, in compliance with corporate transparency and social responsibility. We also have a plentiful track record in supporting Medical Affairs Division by providing neutral information.