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Video Production / 3DCG

Video Works

Business outline / selling points

Our task is to show important information relating to life and health in videos. In collaboration with the Healthcare Communication Division, COLBO's Video Production Division works on visualizing the microscopic behavior of pharmaceutical molecules and device operations deep inside the human body, based on scientific verification. Of course, we can also respond to requests for surgical techniques and medical equipment video shoots as well. Adopting video technologies and expressions advancing day by day, we offer video content meeting our client needs.

Main services

  • Planning and producing product promotions
  • Technical manual videos / photo shoots and editing
  • Producing videos to introduce a company / division
  • Seminar and lecture videos / photo shoots and editing
  • Producing videos for exhibitions
  • Producing digital signage videos
  • 3DCG / illustrations / video production
  • Foreign language subtitles and dubbing
  • Production of VR / AR content
  • Drone video/photo-shoots / producing and copying various DVDs and other media, conversion of various video files