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Medical Writing

Medical Writing

Business outline / selling points

Based on an efficient communication plan to spread and disseminate pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, we create refined messages that steadily navigate targets of medical professionals and patients toward maneuver. Based on the values and understanding shared in each area's clinical settings, our staffs at the Medical Information Department equipped with advanced knowledge of healthcare and medicines apply the power of visuals and digital media to the greatest possible extent to create information tools with powerful appeal.

Communication plan and tool development by the Healthcare Communication Division

  • Planning and producing basic sales promotion materials required for a new drug launch
  • Designing and executing re-promotion plans to increase prescriptions at the timing of publishing post-marketing surveillance results or acquisition of an additional indication,
  • Designing and executing effective material release plans at the timing of approval/launching of the materials, or announcement at major related academic conferences
  • Developing internal training programs with great learning results to enable MR and salespeople to talk effectively to medical doctors as primary customers
  • Designing and executing in-house promotion policies to raise internal motivation
  • Designing and executing plans to raise the awareness about diseases to find potential patients
  • Developing tools to provide information to patients and medical professionals to disseminate the appropriate use of products
  • Designing and executing strategic plans to bring about changes in medical doctors as primary customers' intentions for prescriptions through resolving clinical issues (such as promoting teamwork healthcare and coperation)
  • Designing and producing neutral medical information content, focusing on establishing relationships with clients
  • Designing and executing online promotion plans with messages to appeal to clients under the limited human resources for sales
  • Designing and producing medical information content for exhibition booths at academic conferences that attracts more clients and supports effective face-to-face sales activities
  • Designing and producing video content aiming at synergistic effects between online, exhibition booth, and paper-material information