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WEB Design

Business outline / selling points

The online promotions we propose can be called "autonomous sales supporting tools." When you must aim for maximum sales effects with limited resources, online media offers unlimited possibilities, because it does not depend on the time or place. We continue to work on the relationship between Healthcare and the Internet, which is becoming increasingly more useful.

Main services

Production of websites for medical professionals, websites to raise health awareness among the general public and patients, corporate websites and hospital websites
  • Compliant with smartphones (responsive web design)
  • Planning and producing highly accurate content created by medical writers, in compliance with promotion codes
  • Quality control by thorough checks by the proofreading staffs specializing in medicine
Robust SEO strategy and site operations
  • Integrated SEO strategy to gain more access
  • Submitting an access analysis report after an operational launch and proposing plans for improvement
Flexible system construction
  • Site construction by CMS (reduction of operational workload on the operator)
  • Building membership systems
  • Building e-learning systems
  • Building e-commerce sites
Proposing new value through utilizing interactive media
  • iPad questionnaires at academic conferences and seminars (offline aggregation, collecting personal information, input by handwriting possible)
  • Producing original apps for iPhones, iPads and Androids
Proposing online promotions
  • proposing the most cost-effective plan tailored to your budget
  • DSP ad / video ad / SNS ads and producing LINE stamps